You have to want it absolutely more than you are afraid of it.
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Medium. Writer. Trailblazer.

Lover and cheerleader who lights the trail for others. I’m here to show you a new way. I’m here to show you why your way has not worked up until now, to mirror to you the life you were destined to have, and light the path you may have missed along your journey.

Hi, I'm Ulenda and I've been there. I've held out the loudspeaker and said, "I don't know if I can do this." Change is scary, but it's also the thing that enables us to look back and say, "I'm so happy I went for it." As humans, we often cling to what feels good so tightly as a means to avoid the growth (we know) we need.

Fear has played such a big role in our lives that we've forgotten that most of it survives because we harbor a safe place for it (in our minds)! It's absolutely natural to have a bit of it, but we've been taught that it's the norm to hold collective fear hostage, when in fact it's holding us hostage. Can I get a holler?


So, on a serious note: I'm here to help you identify the blocks hindering you from living a fulfilled life. My mission is to teach you how to a live soul aligned, heart-centered life without bending on your values and doing this in a way that is kind and loving to you.





Most of my life I was hiding in a closed book. I was afraid of being misunderstood, judged, withheld from love and rejected in the very home I lived in. There was something profoundly wrong with standing out, but I couldn't for the life of me fit in. And so I was misunderstood, judged and rejected. It wasn't until I learned that you can be "different" and happy at the same time; and that embracing all the parts of me was the recipe to a healthy, heart-driven life; that I now show others how to create that for themselves.

Once I understood my life path and that all this was on purpose, I learnt the other side of my challenges and how to effectively use them. The struggle became a thing of the past, and I used my gifts to move others out of their pain and confusion and into clarity and ease. My own healing allowed for me to open up to more love than I ever though I'd be open to in this lifetime. I chose to move through the fear and self-doubt to really understand the gifts I encompassed and to eventually own these gifts and share them in the world.

You can start a love affair with life and make an impact in a way you never believed was possible for you. Wherever you are on your journey your inner compass knows exactly what's keeping you from steering toward it. You are here for a purpose and your gifts are waiting to be utilized; your challenges waiting to be overcome. You have the world in you. Whether you choose to step up or shy away from a life you so richly deserve is entirely left for choice.

I'm looking forward to supporting you with understanding why you're here and how you can live life a soul-aligned, heart-centered life.

My Co-Pilot Commitment To You

I want to dismantle a myth: one size does not fit all! Each client is unique and has their own specific way to heal, therefore, my coaching style varies from client to client.


While I use a warm, direct approach some are less ready (although still willing and) need more tenderness, challenging me to get creative - both reaching the same result. I push clients out of their comfort zones but not past their limits. My coaching is done in a thorough and compassionate way, always putting you first.

My commitment is to be your co-pilot throughout our time together, as well as your accountability partner.

Your Commitment: 

My clients have to be willing to take responsibility for their live overall. As a coach, I am there to guide you and hold you accountable. As a coach, we are a team but you must be willing to do the work in order to see results.

Ulenda is Personal Breakthrough Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner with certifications in Mediumship,

Grief Coaching and Career Coaching. She has been trained in numerous modalities, including energy healing, soul coaching and NLP [Neuro-Linguistic Programming].