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Are you asking any of these questions right now:


  •    What type of career would bring me the most fulfillment and joy?

  •    Why I am financially challenged?

  •    I know what I want, but how do I get there?

  •    I hate my job. How do I get out of it?

  •    I lost my job. What do I do now?

  •    I’m bored with my career. I need a change. 

How would your life be different if you had concrete clarity on your purpose and how to utilize it?

As a Career Intuitive, I help people remember what they came here to do and take the practical steps necessary to manifest it.


If you — like most the population — have burning questions about your career, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve been laid off, are miserable in your job or just need a change, it is ALL ON PURPOSE. There really are no accidents. You may have steered off course, but your unease is a sign that you are finally ready to step into the fullest expression of YOU through your LIFE PURPOSE, talents and gifts.

Career Intuitive Session includes an intuitive reading focused on your life’s purpose, your soul’s unique expression and your big work in the world.

When your session begins, I am already connected to your journey. Before our time together, I spend an hour preparing for your session, mapping out your Path and reinvention cycles, and connecting to your guides for the guidance you most need to help you move forward on your journey towards a fulfilling career and life.

You will be able to ask me questions about your choices and career, and together create a manageable step-by-step plan for your future. You will leave with substantial clarity about your true work, as well as how to navigate the challenging transitions of life, relationships, grief and career.

Why a Career Intuitive Session? 

A Career Intuitive Session is one of the most valuable investments you can make. If you have been a wanderer for some or most of your life, I salute you. There is fun in the adventure. But at some point, you want answers. At some point, things start to feel tedious and you start wondering how to get out of a trivial job, or simply need to get to Point B.

Imagine spending another several years looking for those answers. What you have done so far has not worked for you, so why continue to do it alone?

Now imagine: getting the insight, the road-map, the shortcut to the answers you are searching for. One session saves you time, resources and expenses, and it eliminates a lot of detours and confusion along your journey.

And the bonus: After this session, your life will begin to make more sense.

You will know:

  • why you tick the way you do

  • why you choose left instead of right

  • the gifts you came here to share with the world and

  • why your challenges are YOUR challenges and how to turn the pain that’s crippled you most into fuel to steer you forward.

These one-hour sessions are offered via by phone or Skype, and I will call you.

Each session is recorded and provided to you afterward so that you may go back and listen to anytime you like.

If you feel ready to take the next step simply e-mail me to set up an appointment.

Career Intuitive Session
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**Career coaching is not intended to replace prescribed medical care. I can help you learn healing, intuitive, coping and self-care tools that will help you better understand your life’s purpose and move forward in a positive, productive, lighter, reinventive way. Career coaching can be a powerful experience on its own and as a complementary approach. Please talk to a licensed physician for medical and mental health conditions.