Live Connected

5 Weeks of Alignment



You simply cannot go it alone. You've been doing this forever now and although there may be a lot going for you, you know there is more.

You know you're meant to walk your path with purpose, clarity and support.

You know your heart is the vessel to be lived from and that being in your head so much is not serving you.

You know there's a special sauce inside of you needing to be steered and awakened.


All these things, because something in life needs to shift for you. Something has to change.

You're done with the superficial.

Are you ready to discover your potentiality?


This is why I create Live Connected, a 5 week journey with a purpose. For you, for the old me and for others who are fed up with the same and want a deeper, richer experience in life and in their relationships.

It’s time to flex those creative muscles so that you can filter out your own intuitive voice and feel centered and strong.

Is this you?

  • you want to feel connected, tethered and trust that Life supports you in all ways

  • you want increased inner stability, ease and calm

  • you long to connect with your own intuition and feel guided through life

  • you no longer desire to live by default and want to create your life with the power of your attention

  • you are ready to dive into the year strong and take your mindset to the next level

  • you are looking for clarity and attention and someone in your corner every step of the way.


  • Waking up each morning with step by step assistance throughout your day

  • Learning to lean into your own inner guidance

  • Creating your life with purpose and direction as you tap into your inner resources

During these 5 weeks I will come into your living space and craft with you the direction, intention and new habits for creating your life on purpose through meditations, energy tools and clearings etc. We will build a foundation until it is second nature to you and you can do it on your own.

After we get you started you will already be in the groove and have enough tools under your belt to navigate you through this next year.

I am here to support YOU in feeling guided and cultivating a 2018 you want to see intentionally with simple strategies and tools for improving your day.

When you participate in these 5 weeks you can anticipate to:

walk away knowing how to step into your own light and essence

eliminate a lot of stress by gaining more ease and inner peace

create your day with intention, rather than just moving through its decided pace

connect with your truth by meeting the real you as well as your higher self

identify the beliefs and behaviors not supportive to your life

learn to recognize and utilize your intuition

feel supported in a group of like-minded, soul driven babes.


Being connected can help you:

  • Establish certainty that you are taken care of NO MATTER WHAT

  • Eliminate stress in your life

  • Have clarity and live a life without the constant self-doubt

  • Feel connected to Source in an instant

  • Steer closer and find your purpose

  • Create a life of absolute joy

  • Have more meaningful relationships

  • Be happy and confident in your decisions.

During these 5 weeks you can expect the following:

2x weekly coaching calls where we connect, do a chosen modality and bring new energy into your day

1x once weekly group Q&A where I answer your questions and coach you on any area you're feeling stuck (once registration is complete we will see what time works best for everyone)

A private Facebook group to share your wins, aha's, support each other and gain access to extra material

5 weeks of unlimited Facebook and email support from me

MP3 recordings of all calls

Bonus: Complimentary 30 minute followup sessions for the first 3 people who sign up

Your Commitment:

  • A willingness and readiness to focus on transformation during these 5 weeks

  • Being accountable - checking in at least once a week via our Facebook private group and/ or shooting me an email with any requests or progress

  • Commit at least 10 to 15 minutes per day for as many days you can during this 5 week program (I know life gets busy, that's why we've divided into bite sized nuggets, but don't beat yourself up if you miss a call)

  • Respect and kindness for your fellow group mates, yourself and for your coach.

Now what?


Doors to Live Connected are currently closed and reopen in April 2019.

Should you wish to be informed, send us an email you I'll be sure to let you be the first to know.