Severing Energetic Cords

Severing Energetic Cords

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If you've tried to move from a relationship or are finding it hard to let go, you may have cords of attachment keeping you from moving forward.

Energetic cords are formed when we meet people and can either be positive or negative. The moment we form a bond we are connected. These cords are invisible, not physical, and sometimes they have to be severed so that we are no longer zapped by another. Without that, that person has the power to drain us, leaving us depleted and unhappy.

Be it an ex who is hard to let go of or any relationship type, this tool is for anyone who wants to claim their power back and no longer be held back by a relationship that is negatively impacting their life.

You're likely corded to someone if:

  • you find yourself unable to move on

  • you can't stop thinking or obsessing over them

  • you're tempted to go back into the relationship even when you know it's unhealthy

  • they live in your head, whether by memories or via emotions in your body and you have immense aching in your heartache

  • you cry all the time or have become so emotional.