I went to Ulenda when I was at my lowest point. I couldn’t get myself out of my negative self talk or figure out how I was to get out of the place I was in. Working with her made me see the possibilities - more than I thought possible. We shifted my mindset to create immediate doable steps and results I was desperate for.

I would not have turned things around without her and she is authentic in her love for seeing clients change.
— T. Keys
Amazing experience. A definite must do if you’re lot and need guidance. Ulenda is amazing and the best cheerleader you can have on your journey to finding yourself.
— P. Beal
Ulenda manages to see things from a whole new landscape and showed me that I already had what I wanted. I just had to clear my blocks and l let it into my experience. If you want to feel like a whole new person she is the one who can do that for you.
— M. Kock
Ulenda is a kind and gentle soul with an incredible intuitive ability. My career intuitive session with her was so helpful, that I credit her for getting me onto the right path. She was completely on point with her insights and gave me great ideas as well as the inspiration and motivation to get started right away.

I couldn’t be more grateful for her support. You will not regret booking a session with this amazing, fearless woman! I highly recommend her services!
— L. Jones
Ulenda is a wonderful, caring and insightful coach. I can see the changes in my life and I can feel how solid these changes are. Her approach is so authentic. She says it as it needs to be – whether it be with excitement, compassion or to the point, but it she gets to the heart of it all. She is kind, caring and has a heart of gold.

I have so much to learn still and look forward to reaching amazing heights with her guidance.
— N. Hogan
Ulenda motivated me to move on from things I couldn’t let go of and the immense fear of getting into a car. I finally took managed to take control and even learned how to get behind the wheel. I was able to get a of my job which opened up a new door for me with better opportunities.
— L. Coetzee
Ulenda’s sophisticated grasp of personal experience, combined with an innate feel for the healing hearts and her warm, personal approach made a dramatic change in my train of thought and outlook on life. Her approach to managing situations is highly professional and respected. I can now say with confidence that I have come a long way in such a short time and it is all thanks to her.
— A. Lourens