7 Things Spiritual Gangster Babes Do Differently In Their Day-To-Day

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When you get a taste of a real woman, the rest of the world never really tastes the same.
— Unknown

It's no secret that some women seem to glide through life while others, well..., watch from the outside wondering how and why she makes it look so doable.


This woman possesses a certainty about her and portrays her life like colors beautifully placed on a canvas. And no matter how hard life gets she trades the knock-downs in for opportunities.


The only difference between an observer and a fearless creator is the action or inaction they're both choosing. That is, living by default versus being intentional. The fearless babe knows where her replenishment comes from, lives her values and does not let the fear stop her.

7 Things Spiritual Gangster Babes Do Differently In Their Day-To-Day

1. They set clear boundaries

A fearless woman prioritizes her needs and knows what she can and cannot do, be or tolerate. She knows the importance of healthy boundaries and does not abandon parts of herself to be accepted.

In having these lines in place, you are better able to move through your day and give more freely what and when you can.


2. They steer themselves forward


Fearless women don't spend their lives dreaming that something will happen - they make it happen. They are clear about their intentions and don't let perceived obstacles hinder them from what they deem important.


Obstacles are bound to meet you on the road. If every person stopped and gave up there would not be a single successful person on the planet. When obstacles arise, remember your goal and lay out clear, actionable steps around the perceived setback.


3. They align themselves with their truth


They align with their truth as often as possible because in that truth lies their value, their worthiness, their grace. This is where they connect with their core and live who they are.

When you are coming from authenticity you send out a clear signal that you mean business and when you align with the truth that you are worthy, loved, supported life begins to show you evidence that you are worthy, loved, supported. You are strongest in that truth. Lean on it.


4. They take inspired action


These women know the power of co-creating and take inspired action. Second-guessing is a fast way to stagnation, confusion and self-doubt. Know your truth and trust the inspiration that follows. From that place, make a decision and go with it.

5. They ask empowering questions


Disempowering questions lead to disempowering answers. Empowering questions lead to empowering answers.

Instead of asking, "Why does this always happen to me?", ask, "What is good about this situation?" or, "What good can come from this situation?”

Questions are door-openers. Make sure you're asking the ones that put you in the position of authority.


6. They savor alone time


Fearless women need to replenish and give back to themselves. They know that their energy and resources are to everyone throughout the day and need time to connect and get centered again.


Taking a few minutes a day is instrumental to staying afloat and not letting Life get away with you. Take some time out to do journalling, meditating or just sitting outside. However you decide to block out the distractions, make sure you have a few minutes that allow you to hone in on you and you alone.


7. They don't let their fear stop them


Need I say more...?


When you're trembling you can either let fear dictate your next move or remember that it's all in your head. Get back into your heart, get present and remember your Why. It will always put you back on path again.

Mega Love,



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