5 Phrases You're Using That May Be Hindering Your Growth

Your word is the power that you have to create; it is a gift.
— Don Miguel Ruiz

Because the words we use impact us more than we realize, I've decided to come in and share a little with you today.


Everything we say to other people and to ourselves - spoken or not - carries its own vibration. Every word we use has creative power, and so by recognizing the words we often use we can retrain ourselves to start using words that help us create what we want.


This can fastest be done by learning to eliminate harmful words that are already in our vocabulary. The more we realize that these words affect our wellbeing, the more incentive we have to start doing away with them.


If you need an added assist, you may want to place an imaginary trash can in your mind or a place you're comfortable having it. Any time you use a harmful word, simply imagine taking the word and dumping it into the bin and imagine the bin sealing shut.


Below are a list of words you may be using that are not serving you and words to replace them: (You can always tell by the way it feels inside. Is it light or is it heavy? Light is kind and feels expansive; heavy is stagnant and contracts.)

5 phrases youre using that may be hindering your growth

  • Try: Trying implies failure. And while there are certain circumstances the word may be used, it more often than not tells your mind that there is a possibility you may not be able to. Too much "trying" can feel like pushing against something, leaving you exhausted. Instead, why not pull a Yoda and just do? ;)

  • But: "I want to accomplish xyz BUT..." "I believe you BUT..." "I want to fall in love BUT..." If you're following this by now you'll realize BUT is a big stopper! You've just placed your order with the Universe and BUT comes in to stop it because it is confusing. "But" sends mixed messages because it's telling two different stories. How does "and" feel? "And" is an extension, an enhancer and an invitation. And, and, and...

  • Have to: Having to do something can feel forced, depending on the task at hand, or it can simply feel like it's not something you would do very quickly if given the option. "I have to do the washing." "I have to pick my cousin up." "I have to pack lunch for the kids." See how these feel: "I choose to..." Or to have it ring truer: "I get to..."

  • I can't wait: Sounds simple, right? "I can't wait" actually comes from a place of lack. While it sounds exciting, your mind still registers that you have not gotten that <fill in the blank>. Feel the difference when you say, "I'm so looking forward to...," or, "I'm so excited for..."

  • Lose: I always call women out on this. Remember, your subconscious is there to protect you. When we lose something it will go on a mission to find it. Great if you lose a set of keys. Yet, most people use this word in their vocabulary. "I just lost 5kg" often sets it on a quest to go and find those kilos you so happily shed. Instead, these words will have a greater impact: "Let go of", "release", "shed". Can you feel the difference? 

Others include: should, can't, impossible, if only, I'm broke.


As soon we start replacing these low vibe words with more expansive, door opening ones, we will soon start to see the difference it starts to make in our everyday life.


Your word is your wand. How will you use yours this day?

Mega Love.


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