7 Ways To Be Unstoppable!

7 ways to be unstoppable
Attitude is altitude.
— Nick Vujicic

Thomas Edison once said,"I failed my way to success." Michael Jordan's "constant failures" is what makes him the winner he is today and every other.


People who have not let the failures stop them and believe in their dreams have a certain confidence about them because they choose to see failure as either a redirect or a stop sign.


These people are dedicated to their dreams and have their own habits and practices to keep focused and strong. There are lies they choose not to feed into and mantras they practice to keep their dreams alive.


Whether your goal is to finish a degree, learn a new language or be the next person to fly a spacecraft, size does not matter. What matters is how alive it is in you and whether you're willing to find the tools and the resources to let it come to fruition.


Below are seven ways to be unstoppable in the pursuit of your dreams and goals:

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1. Do not hesitate


Looking back staggers your progress. Do not allow an opening for self-doubt. Make a decision, tell yourself you will see it through, and take each day's opportunities to move closer to your goal.


2. Don't downplay yourself

Be relentless with your talents. Don't water them down. Hold the image of what you want so strong that it becomes part of your breathing. The bed you sleep on wasn't a bed until someone invented it. And until that moment it was “not real”.


Believe that even you can do something that has never been done before. Don't sell yourself short. Know your capabilities.

3. Believe in yourself


If you don't, who will? Be realistic and take incremental steps to get there. Know that sometimes it will take a while. That said, don't be disheartened by the time and effort you are required to put in.


Mostly, whether your dreams are big or small, don't lose sight of your gifts and your ability to create real, substantial success.


be unstoppable

4. NEVER quit!


When you get tired, take a break, but don’t quit. Look to people who have made it in the midst of darkness and find a positive role model to mentally shadow. It's very encouraging reading up real life stories of people who were never expected to make it but did. Read their story. Watch an interview. Let their determination fuel you.


And remember, if at first you don‘t succeed, tomorrow is another day.


5. Have a plan


...And another, and another. And when A, B and C don't work, outline another three. It doesn't matter if your goal is the size of an atom or the sun, be sure to have a tangible layout for its realization. Each goal will have a different requirement, and therefore a different type of plan.


6. Be selfish with your time

Your time is priority and the outlet in which to create, but also know when to play. If you do your best work in the morning, aim to play at night. Devote time to bring your goals to fruition.

7. Don't listen to the critics


Don't believe anybody who says you cannot or should not do it. Stick with believers in life and those who support and lift you up and help you keep sight of what matters. Feed your support structure as a way to give back.

You are unstoppable!

Mega Love.


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