Put Your Intuition on Speed Dial: Intuition versus Fear

Put your intuition on speed dial
Your vibes are useless if you don’t trust them.
— Sonia Choquette

A lot of us have a harder time hearing our inner voice than others. It's not because it's not there, because it is. Some of us have a harder time hearing it, feeling it, because we're so tuned out of our natural state.


Our voice was not accepted by others, and so we stopped listening to it and buried it deep down where it wouldn't come out. And instead we started to listen and trust other's voices, and accept what they had to say even though our nudges were telling us the opposite.


Our intuition is talking to us all the time. How receptive we are is up to us.


You know this when you get a feeling about something you just can't shake. You know this when you know something deep in your veins but can't explain why. You know this because it is your natural state.

Put your intuition on speed dial

In this short video I briefly describe the different characteristics of both intuition and fear, and give you one simple step to begin to play with your inner knowing.


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