5 Essential Tools For Your Next Meltdown

5 essential tools for your next meltdown
Sometimes it takes a meltdown to cool down.
— Evinda Lepins

No one plans to have a meltdown. Down days aren't always anticipated.

If I've learned anything in my raging storms it's that you have to have a meltdown survival kit. A plan after you fall.


And why do I say this? Once we have fallen we often feel helpless and are swallowed in by the emotional tide, feeling at its mercy and lacking control.


Having a landing place reminds us we're slightly more in control, helps us move through our unease more graciously than if we were focused on the wrong things, and allows us to cope better.

5 essential tools for your next meltdown

Come into my world and see how I navigate through the trying times. You can borrow one, two or all five of these points for next time you're in a jam.


With love,


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