5 Things To Release This Coming Year

5 thigs to release this coming year
In the process of letting go, you will lose many things from the past, but you will find yourself.
— Deepak Chopra

We've all been there. The year comes. We get excited about everything we're going to accomplish, hurts we'll let go of, new attitudes we'll take on. And then it's gone.

365 days have swooped passed in a flash, and we realize that either our focus has been derailed by the avalanches life had so easily moved into our direction, or while swerving we've learned to become resilient and gained some useful life skills.

By the end of 2018, you are either one step closer to being the person you should be adoring, or looking back at things that didn't quite go according to plan. Inventory is effective when used to count the milestones, not to beat ourselves up over missed events.

Below are five things to release this upcoming year that will make a big difference to our outcomes 365 days from now:

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1. Focusing on others


We all have different dreams and goals, therefore no one has the same timing, direction, destination or guidance in getting there. Instead of going into this year focused on what your neighbor has accomplished, look within and remember, it's not a race.


Let's let go of the need to compare and see this new year as a discovery, as opposed to getting there first, or at all. Besides, comparing can be daunting. You have your own special something to experience within yourself. Focus on that and give it the discipline and dedication your dreams deserve.


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2. Being afraid to make mistakes


I don't know one successful person who didn't see their mistakes as stepping stones. The errors I have made along the way, in my experience, have taught me more about myself, life and events than if I had done it perfectly the first time. We wouldn't be able to learn in the same depth without them.


Mistakes, as they put it, can teach us so much because of the doorway of questions failing creates. So, instead of getting it wrong this new coming year, think about how many times you can make a new discovery, and learn and grow from taking the risk, rather than holding back.


Let your mistakes be your teachers.


3. Those cluttery things


It's no secret. Clutter can bog you down, because it's heavy and stifling. Not just your physical environment, but it affects your physical body, personal energy and your mental facilities. When we have too much noise or chaos in our lives, it becomes hard to think clearly.

Imagine a room filled with so much clutter, all the way to the ceiling. Now, imagine this is about to become your room. See yourself walking in it. Eek! Did you notice that heaviness in your throat or chest when you just read that last line? This is your room. But it's so stuffy and full that there is no space to move around in it.

No space for the sun to shine through, as the windows are blocked. Or for you to feel comfortable. It's just like life. When we make ROOM for things, things flow easier. And sometimes, all it takes is a rearrange. Clutter can be anything from your physical space, to relationships that may be toxic, and much more.

This coming year, we want to focus on what's good in our lives and be aware of what keeps us stifled. You know what it is for you. So, take inventory and clear up that space. The best place to start is with something physical, like spring cleaning those closets or one room in your home at a time.


Starting with something physical makes it makes it seem more possible. And honey, it is. So, let's start 2019 with fresh, clean energy.

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4. Fear of discomfort


I'm not going to kid you. It's not always going to be easy. A lot of us are afraid of the discomfort of moving forward, of change. Truth is, we are changing all the time, whether we realize it or not. Life throws us things at any moment in time, and it's in those moments that we decide who we want to be.


Don't believe me? Our bodies change every seven to 10 years. We shed new skin. Our cells get replaced by new ones. So, change is  indeed inevitable. Discomfort is inevitable. Instead of letting the fear hold you back this time, why not decide to dive bolder? Besides, it's gonna happen anyway, right?


Having the attitude of Do It Anyways might just help you feel more steady in your ventures. And the more you go a little out of your comfort zone, the more potential you have for growth and can start to discover new avenues you didn't know exist for you.


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5. Take your intuition with you


If there's one passenger I would advise you to take with you on this trip, it's your intuition. If you've been afraid to let your inner voice speak through you in moments of need, I urge you to make it an ally. Your intuition will always come through to assist you in a better outcome. It exists for your highest good.


We tried it alone this year. We know we need some form of guidance, to feel safe and grounded in our decisions. You will lose nothing by having this co-pilot, and instead gain so much clarity, certainty and self trust.


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I know that 2018 wasn't the greatest year for a lot of people. Okay, that's candy floss. It was a very challenging year for a lot of us. Myself included. However, I do believe 2019 can be different, but it will take our help.


So, my questions for you is: What is one thing you are willing to release this year? And what energies are you taking into the new year with you?

See you in the new year!


Mega Love,


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