9 Ways To Upgrade Your Self-Care Routine

9 Ways to upgrade your self care routine
Take time off...
The world will not fall apart without you.
— Malebo Sephodi

No matter how good we are at tending to our needs, it’s easy to neglect ourselves when life gets hectic. Every now and then we need to take a look around and find ways to upgrade our regimens, and that is best made discoverable by deciding what is no longer growing or sustaining us. Making this choice is like dusting off cobwebs that have been stuck on a canvas for way too long and allowing the sun to come in.

Maintaining a self-care regime in the midst of higher demands is paramount to preserving our health and ensuring life does not have a chance to fall apart. Taking care of our mind and body, whether through habitual exercise or a five minute breather, is central to maintaining a healthy balance. The long term gains of self care habits are invaluable, and below are just a few examples of how beneficial they can be:

  • Higher self esteem

  • Increased confidence

  • Reduction of stress

  • Increased productivity

  • Improved wellbeing

  • Feeling empowered

  • Improved health

If you’re feeling bored or want a shakeup your self care routine, here are nine ways to incorporate holistic improvements in your day to day.

9 ways to upgrade your self care routine

  1. Upgrade Your Space

    Your environment has the potential to set the mood and tone for you. If you’re feeling uninspired at work or at home, take some time to upgrade the space you occupy. Decorate it with a few small items that generate in you the energy of joy. Clear out any unnecessary things that makes your immediate surroundings feel stagnant and less inviting. Or, organize your workspace so you can feel more focused and energized. If your space is uplifting, you are more likely to feel inspired throughout your days.

  2. Get Into Action

    The best way to learn and improve is to put words into action. Words can be a powerful thing, but action is a completion tool. Waiting doesn’t get anything done. Taking action gives you concrete results to learn from, and creates momentum which often enough is needed to get out of a rutty space.

    Ask questions. What is something you have been meaning to do? And what is one actionable step you can take to zone in on it? And then, act on it. Momentum can be a great motivator.

  3. Change Your Diet

    Okay, maybe not completely. Sometimes one tiny change can go a long way. For example, adding extra greens to your next bite. Have a handful of salad with that meal you're used to downing and isn't too good for you. Start with one fruit a week, a handful of nuts or an extra glass of water each day. Go more natural. Changes don't have to be big to have a long term impact. Something as small as adding some love to your diet can make all the difference in the world to your health and energy levels.

  4. Purge

    There are few things more calming and exhilarating than a newly cleaned, organized space. When we have too much clutter in our lives, it causes us to become blocked and stuck in the flow of good ideas and decisions. Clutter, simply put, does not allow what we want to flow into our lives to flow in because there simply is too much traffic overload. Purging simply involves making away with what we no longer want in order to make room for something better to come in.

    If it doesn’t leave you feeling good, toss it (if you can). If it leaves you with a heavy feeling, put it in a pile to give away later or toss. Purging doesn’t have to be your whole life at one time. Start with one room or category and move to the next. It’s all about manageable steps. The trick is just to start.

  5. Unplug

    It’s easy to get distracted in this tech world we live in. As much as it’s supposed to make our lives simpler, sometimes it brings its own complications. We’re so independent on the very thing that can make us feel overwhelmed. Imagine not having any obligations for just 10 minutes. How about half hour? What about an hour? No bills, no chores, or work, or fixing the next thing.

    Create a dedicated interval in your week where you can go to unplug from all of it. Emails, phone calls, messaging, the whole shebang. Make it a habit to unplug regularly, especially when overwhelm starts to kick in.

  6. Learn To Breathe

    Don’t leave proper breathing for stressful moments. Most of us are taught to take shallow breaths that we don’t even realize we’re just halfing it. Learning to take deep breaths from our diaphragm can ease away the stresses of the day and help you think clearer. Breathing correctly also helps alleviate nervousness and panic, and assists in the circulation of blood. If you are prone to anxiety or worry, five deep breaths can reduce the tension.

    When things begin to feel much, breathing fully and slowly can help you become more present and calm in the face of things.

  7. Start a Challenge

    Challenges bring in new found energy and sparks a certain ‘can do’ attitude within us. Set a goal and give yourself 28 days to achieve it. Twenty eight days is the minimum for something to become a habit, while it takes a bit longer for something to begin to feeling natural. Your goal can be habit related or something you’re dreaming of. It doesn’t matter which. Give yourself 28 days to incorporate this new challenge and make it a daily habit to bring it one step closer to fruition.

  8. Express Gratitude

    When you’re really in need of a positivity boost, expressing gratitude is one of the most effective things you can do. Even when you’re in the thick of a tough situation, taking the time to journal or think about aspects of your life you are grateful for can help create a positive mind shift. Make it a habit to express gratitude for the smallest to the biggest things. Very effective is waking up to 10 things you’re grateful for. It elevates your mood just in time to start your day.

  9. Laugh Your Heart Out

    It is said that children laugh at least nine times more than adults do. Now, I don’t know if this statistic is accurate, but I do know that the claim is true: children laugh more than adults do, and we have forgotten how to just be. When we get stuck in our stresses it’s hard to find lightness. So, take a breath and remember being a kid again. Think of something that made you laugh uncontrollably until the tears came out.

    Now, think of something light and just allow yourself to feel the ease of it. Laughter has positive benefits on our health and is known to strengthen our immune system. A light heart is a healthy heart. There are a thousand reasons to smile in a world that’s filled with challenges. Take a minute a day to ‘lighten’ up.

Striving for better eliminates areas where stagnant can creep in. Life is not always going to feel exciting, but upping our self care systems means making it manageable. Keep striving for better. Keep looking for ways to be inspired. And keep growing.

What is one way you can elevate your day today?

Mega Love. 



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