How Clutter Negatively Impacts Our Lives, And How To Get Unstuck

Clutter: anything that stands between you and the life you want to be living.
— Peter Walsh

There is an invisible connection between clutter and manifesting in our lives. Everyone holds onto mental, emotional and physical baggage in some way, and if not paid attention to, can cause roadblocks in our lives. Clearing out clutter in our physical and mental spaces can make room for more energy, money, time and possibility in our daily lives. Yes, clutter has a negative impact on us mentally too, and this is why we sometimes feel stuck.

Simply put, clutter can look like:

  • Stuck in areas of ideas

  • Mental confusion

  • Feeling drained and exhausted for no particular reason

  • Feeling bogged down

  • Addictive behavior

  • Unhealthy relationships

  • Procrastination

  • Frustration

  • Anxiousness

  • Negative impact on our energy, attitudes and efficiency

We determine whether something is holding us down by the way the object makes us feel, not the way it is physically presented. More often than not, our possessions are associated with memories. That’s why it’s sometimes hard to let go. When these memories are bad, we are either unable to move forward or move forward very, very slowly, in moments we’re fit enough to make leaps.

When something doesn't make us feel good it's okay to stop for a second and decide if its presence profits our emotional well-being or if it’s a crutch. Identifying our emotional connection to things that don’t make is feel good is the first step to letting it go. Decluttering is simply making room for that which we want to flow into our lives by doing away with that which no longer serves our physical or mental space.

How clutter negatively impacts.png

Decluttering can:

  • generate fresh new energy

  • help us let go of the past

  • bring clarity

  • release negative vibrations we have held on to

  • create mental, emotional and physical space for fresh forms of abundance to come in

  • open doors for new possibilities to show up


Clutter falls under vast categories. Your life is every single thing in your environment. From your home, to your job, to the people you associate with, to what goes on in your mind and body, to the car you drive. All these areas probably have some form of clutter that may be causing confusion, anxiety or unease. So, next time you think there’s something wrong with you, it may just be clutter.

When To Declutter:

  • Any time you’re feeling any of the above (what clutter looks like)

  • When you find yourself agitated for no apparent reason

  • When you feel out of sync with life, or lost

  • When you feel uncomfortable for longer than usual and for reasons unbeknownst to you

The benefits of decluttering are endless. That said, the process can be an exhausting one, but once you begin you will start to feel a world lighter and more exhilarated.

Now that you know what it's benefits are, come and grab your free Decluttering For Clarity printable and start making your life simpler today.



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