4 Prompts To Sway You Back To Your Heart

Every great dream begins with a dreamer.
— Harriet Tubman
4 prompts to sway you back to your heart

If you're feeling off course lately, it's probably not the first time in your life. So, you know that with time and an allowing, you can bring yourself back to your joy, sense of belonging and purpose. These confusing moments in our lives leave us missing out on so much, but they are also crafted to tweak some aspects we haven't been paying enough attention to.


Instead of grabbing opportunities and living now, it's easy to walk around pretending we don't know how inherently talented we are. How do I know this? Because I've been there. And I know you don't get stuck for too long if you don't want to be.


I don't believe we ever truly forget our passions, but we can be afraid of them. The rejection. The failure. The new responsibilities that follow our success. Under all the symptoms often lie fears and myths we sell ourselves, because inherently, we all know exactly what excites and stirs us. That never really goes away.


It's when we're willing to step out of the fear that we open ourselves to new pathways we haven't yet seen. Whatever it is for you, you're able to put fear aside and reignite your inner light.

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Below are four ways to sway you back to your deep yes, your heart, your center - whatever you choose to call it. And maybe it won't all come together at once, but this is a good way to get started:

1. What is your contribution?


Every person in the universe has the capacity to contribute something profound in this world. I want to deeply emphasize that our purpose is not always expressed in a job. It can be seen in our relationships with others and the way we express ourselves in this world.

As infants, we come into this world at a certain time and are planted in a certain environment. As soon we begin to come into adulthood, we no longer have to remain where we were planted. What we do with our lives, the paths we decide to head down, our focus and ideals, that's all our choice.


A really good place to start to connect with what's important to you is to shift your focus on a few key areas. What is good about relationships? What do you contribute to them? What do you contribution to your job or career? Because your answer will show you your strengths by the emotions you are investing.


If you're a good listener, chances are you have a lot more patience than most, probably think before you speak and know how to empathize with others. If you bring love to any situation, you may be the kind of person who promotes understanding, peace and acceptance. Whatever your contribution, these are all character traits of the kind of person you are, your values and they all fall right behind what? Your helpful contribution in the world.


2. What stirs you?


What did you enjoy doing as a kid? What gives you pleasure now that you don't do often enough? It could be as simple as playing music or writing, re-reading books that opened us up, volunteering your time to shelters, cleaning up missions, or love notes we journalled along the way. A sunset, moonlit walk or beautiful melody to full on one-man dance party. The list is endless.


Doing something we find deeply rewarding can help us when we have unlearned what we once knew. And these little reminders are the breadcrumbs that lead us back to what once made us joyful.

Don't wait for something to jump on your lap. Take what stirs you and run with it.


3. Get out of your comfort zone


Fueling our passion can't come from a stagnant place. We all know the old adage, there is nowhere to grow from our comfort zone. Yet, when we leave our comfort zones in pursuit of one win, we often uncover other benefits of our decided leap.


Pick a topic and take that class. For example, learning how to cook. Then go and take a cooking class. Or go for writing classes and hone in on your talents. Not only does it invite one to learn a new skill. There's the added benefit of meeting new people too. Join a new group, offline or online.


Try something you've never tried before until you find something you enjoy, and make it consistent. Mostly, pay attention to what grabs you in those moments, and slowly you'll find your light begin to switch back on.

4. What are your priorities or values?

Values influence our actions and create a structure for our lives. They are a central part of who we are and the type of person we strive to be. When we know our values, we can use them to make more impactful decisions. It's when we ignore them that it's often hard to feel fulfillment because that means beating at the opposite of who we are.


A great way to get to know yourself better - even others - is to check in on your values. By observing these things, you'll notice what's important to you. So, take time with this one. Below are a list of 24 (of many) core values to help you start that discovery.

Start with just three and be amazed by what you begin to learn about yourself.

IndividualityAccomplishment Loyalty Creativity CommunicationEquality Empathy Accountability CompassionConfidenceTrust ConsistencyConnectionAdaptabilityPatienceEmpathyGratitudeDecisivenessBalanceBeautYGroWthIntegrityR(3).jpg

And lastly, don't forget connection. Whether it's a talk with an old friend, prayer or a phone call, connection is vital to our experience. It's what makes the glue stick. When we seclude ourselves for too long we cut off our connection to life, to our center. 

These tit-bits are based on my own experience in finding and sometimes re-membering my deep Yes, and I know they will work for you too just as they have worked for me and many others.


Mega Love.


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