9 Ways to Love Yourself a Little More Everyday

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You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
— Buddha

Self-care and self-love has poured itself into the mainstream world. These days it's rung at every corner we turn. Not too long ago these words were seen as vein, arrogant and selfish, yet today more and more of us are beginning to realize just how vital they are to our lives and relationships.


Human beings have a relationship with themselves as well as others. Therefore, the way we treat others is important to our development, and how we treat ourselves is integral to our well being.


No matter what we're experiencing, we cannot be fulfilled without the elements of the love that resides within us. When love feels foreign, it's important to remember that it's a practice and absolutely attainable. Love is who we are, yet it's often easier to find it in others rather than within.

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The happiest and healthiest people I know live and love from their hearts. And we can start to feel that trickle into our day through endless avenues.


If you need a little bit more love today, these 9 different pillars will remind you just how "L-O-V-E" you are.


1. Start your day with love


Instead of reaching for your phone or devices to check your mail in bed, remind yourself how lovable, cherished and adored you are before you begin your day. Just like meditation and exercise, set a foundation and make it part of your morning routine until it sticks.


2. Invest in a high vibe tribe


Humans learn by observation. Because behaviors are learned, if you spend time with people who love and honor themselves, chances are you will do the same with less effort. By surrounding ourselves with strong, positive individuals we begin to start viewing ourselves through a more positive lens.


Our tribe can either hinder or elevate us. It's up to us to choose our investments wisely.


3. Stop picking your body apart


Loving our bodies no matter what shape we're in can be challenging. Our body fat is in no way tied to our significance and says nothing about the quality of person you are.


Besides, we're never really as big as we think. Next time you're about to pick yourself apart, eat an apple S-L-O-W-L-Y. Enjoy the succulent taste one bit at a time. This will leave you feeling less guilty and healthier than you were five minutes ago.


Then look yourself in the mirror and remember: your body carries you. It does a tremendous amount of work for you, so really give it a break. In fact, thank it for being so loyal to you.


4. Do something just for you


Go to your favorite coffee shop. Eat your favorite muffin. Take five minutes out to daydream. Soak in the sun. Find an avenue that expresses joy and linger onto it for just a few minutes today.


5. Collect 'em, babe


Stack up all the good compliments you've received over the last six months. Why? Because this will serve as a great reminder of the remarkable things about you that you tend to forget. We often remember the negative and forget the positive things people notice about us.


Go even further and put those compliments in a journal. Write them up on your mirror; anywhere you will see it. Remember them today and let anything that isn't good go.


6. Move that booty


Take 10 minutes to put on your favorite Beyonce beat and move that body. You can't dance? It's okay, honey. Nobody has to watch. Close your bedroom door and move like you've been taken over by the shimmy.


It's no secret that exercise is a good mood enhancer. So dance, go for hike, a walk in nature. Go to the gym, or simply take a Sunday morning and have a solo dance party.


7. Get enough shut eye


I know some of you are thinking, "Oh, that is so lame. Sleep when you're dead." But do you feel fabulous when you wake up feeling exhausted? I know I sure don't.


Missing out on enough ZZZs plays a big role on your overall mood and makes it hard to love our day when we're zombie-ing out. Come on and get some good sleep hygiene. You're guaranteed to feel the difference and like your day a little more.

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8. Make peace with where you are in this moment


We're not always free of burdens or past wounds and we cannot change things that have already happened. What we can do is acknowledge the situation and make peace with where we are right now instead of fight it.


When we can find a way to appreciate how far we've come love follows. Make peace with where you are. It does not define you, but rather your current position. And positions are ever-changing.


9. Practice the kind of love you want

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"So, where can I start to experience love," you ask,"in a way that's good and solid for me?" Well, it's important to realize that it’s everywhere! It's literally is in your backyard.


If you take the time to notice you can see it in a kind gesture, in a patient person’s voice over the phone when you are busy losing your cool. How about nurturing words from a friend? A hug, compliment, cup of coffee?


Love is contagious! And the moment you start choosing to see it, you invite others to start doing the same. Just like a smile catches on, people can’t help but want to do what you’re doing, BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. And why does it feel good? Because it's who we naturally are.


So, how will you love today? <3

Mega Love.


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