5 Ways To Get The Most From Your Day

5 ways to get the most out of your day
Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.
— Shakespeare

I was looking at my calendar last week and cannot believe we're far into the year we've come. So many changes, so much still to do. And usually during this time, a lot of us are wondering where all the time has gone. I know I am.


If you're not hitting those marks because of distractions or simply because there is not enough time in your day, don't get despondent. We all are given the same 24 hours. No exceptions. If you're one of those feeling behind, you're not alone.


You can make your time effective, starting with the following 5 steps:


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1. Start with a full cup


Beginning your day exhausted already starts you off on a disadvantage. Whoever pegged the phrase, "I'll sleep when I'm dead," did not have all their facts. Your mental and physical bodies function best when you are operating at full capacity.


Make sure you get enough rest each night and watch how your focus will begin to increase during your day.


2. Get clear like newly washed windows


Wake up each morning with a clear intention of what needs to be done and that you're going to have a phenomenal day doing it. It doesn't matter what your challenge will be for that day, your clarity is a vital step to fueling momentum.


3. One bite at a time


When we try to juggle more than one thing at a time simply slows down our progress, because it's not possible for your brain to focus on one thing at a time and be fully effective.

Focusing on the broader picture can be overwhelming. Optimize your time by focusing on one task at hand. By stripping it down into step-by-steps it feels more doable and you can build a timeline for what you've accomplished and how far you still have to go. This way you will get more done in less time.


Build a checklist and mark off each time you've completed that section of your task. Not only will you feel more capable, but you'll be able to feel closer to your goal.


4. Move your body


It's not only the brain that needs to be worked out. Your body needs movement as it too gets fatigued and tired.


If you do not have time to get enough exercise, introduce some cheats into your day. When driving somewhere, park far from the door and make some room to walk. Move around your house. Take breaks throughout your day and just stretch your arms out.


5. Your tribe


Do not forget to engage in what's going on around you, your relationships, environment, conversations. You're going to need support on this journey. Forge relationships with people who share a common goal.


The objective need not be the same. The willingness to effect change and be a support to each other is what we're talking about, because that will catapult you into your greatest achievements.


A simple shift does not have to be large to be considered effective. But bring it all together and you've created a whole new paradigm that works.


Mega Love.


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