4 Ways To Choose Happiness Right Now

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Happiness is the best makeup.
— D Mridha

I wanted to come in and bust a myth around happiness this week that many of us are are still attached to.


One of the greatest misconceptions we buy into is that happiness is circumstantial, and that once we have it, we're not allowed to be miserable. And as long as we're dancing around this belief, we will it all over the place and never be fully satisfied.


Happy people haven't necessarily had the easiest lives. Whatever has come across the way of a person who's now content, radiant and comfortable in their skin, they have come to learn that the only way to strive through life is to pay attention to the joy factor, see the happiness detail, and choose do things in a different way.


Happiness does not choose you. It sure wants you. It waits for you and longs to be part of your experience. But happiness does not choose us. We choose it. It does not have a shelf life and is never in short supply.

Every day we choose to be unhappy is 24 hours we're participating in beliefs that bring us unfavorable experiences. It isn't something that can be given to us by anyone either. Therefore, this is one of the greatest things we'll ever be responsible for.


So, why should you choose happy? Because it feels so damn good more days than it doesn't. Happiness keeps us younger. And quite frankly, I think there are more than enough people who have done it the hard way. I know I have, and don't see why we should continue to struggle when we don't have to, because it doesn't serve you or me.


Happiness is contagious and the moment we start to bring it into our life, people will be more positively effected by it.


Plus, happier people:


  • Have strong immune systems

  • Are emotionally healthier

  • Are more likely to enjoy stronger, supportive relationships

  • and really see life as a gift that's wanting to be unwrapped.

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So, if you're still struggling to make the choice, here are four areas you can might want to choose happy now:

1. Don't attach your joy to external factors


This is one of the hardest things to start out doing. When we feel down, we depend on our relationships, our money, our jobs, bodies and even environment to feel better. Truth be told, circumstances will change. Our relationships will change. Even our bodies and environment.


But the way we choose to feel in those moments is something we have say over. When we don't attach our joy to the external, we no longer allow it to be circumstantial.


2. Focus on what you have


Too many people focus on what's missing in their lives, which magnetizes the feeling of inadequacy and more of what we don't have. Focusing on what's in plain sight trains the eye to see what's working and good in your life.


And those things make us feel good when we begin to appreciate them. Keep your focus on your gains, not your losses, as this opens up space for more good to come into your experience.


3. Choose honesty


When we say things to please others it comes back to haunt us later. Equally, when we drop the need to make excuses, that weight is immediately removed from us. Besides, fibs and excuses complicate matters and don't take the problem away, but postpone them.


When we are honest, we operate from a place of integrity and stand in our truth. It opens a door to be a better communicator, which leaves less room for things that leave you displeased. Living in your truth will keep you happier for longer periods at a time.

And lastly, but certainly not least important:


4. Savor the sweet moments


That means the smallest moments. The compliments you get on a day basis. The experiences you have with people. The freebie you got last week. This delicious mix of savoring, recognizing and appreciating is all ingredients for a benevolent outcome.


Gratitude is a big mood elevator and I encourage everyone get a dose of this practice by simply noticing the small moments. I promise you, your life will change.


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Being happy doesn't mean you're going to stop having challenges or that all the answers are going to land on your door step tomorrow. And it doesn't mean that you're going to have days that don't include pain, tears and sadness.


It does mean though that you get to take charge of your emotional state instead of be swayed by it. And that you begin to see just how much magic there is in this lifetime.


My question for you today is: what would it take to feel joy right this moment? 

Mega Love.


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