Liberate Yourself: 6 Positive Ways To Start Over

Liberate yourself
You have to trust that life goes on and you don’t always know why or how.
— Adam J Kurtz

There is no easy way to start afresh, nor is there a handbook or a roadmap for this journey called Life. The trip is one we have to take, and often we will feel like we’re walking around blindfolded, with no sense of direction. Every now and then something drastic happens and we have to learn to use the tools we were given in order to start again. And trust this: tools you have. Sometimes we just have to dig deep to find them.

Starting over can help us let go of past aches and create a new future. It allows us to release what bogged us down before so that we can become incredible creators and gracefully move into our new reality. It also affords us the opportunity to choose again, choose better, choose wiser. Being adaptable will help with this. The process can be entirely uncomfortable, yet often a beautiful metamorphosis is waiting to happen.

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As we stand at the door of our new future, hesitant or willingly nudged, realize that it’s inevitable and there’s no getting around it. However, we are probably better off choosing our destination and how our sails will navigate through a sea of uncertainty. Instead of fighting the storm and unflattering waves, it has always been beneficial to move with the tide rather than against it. I know it’s not easy to face hard things, but the only way to our destination of triumph is through the obstacles and discomfort.

There is no over. There is no around. And there certainly is no avoiding. Either way, we are moving on a course called Life. And the best position anyone can choose for themselves, is through. So, if you should feel you’re ready to open the proverbial door, below are six positive steps to navigate you from here to there.

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1. We cannot fix what we’re not willing to face

The first thing we must do to make it different next time around is look at what wasn’t working. When things end, it requires an acceptance from us that it is gone and we possibly won’t get it back. We need to be open to the fact that endings, while painful, bring about opportunities for wondrous beginnings.

If we cannot face what caused our pain, we will forever have that pain until we are willing to remove what caused it. The first step can be the hardest and the most daunting, but with facing our heartache we’re able to move one step closer to a genuine path of a life of deservedness.

2. Realign with your worth

Everything we do and take on begins with how we view ourselves. Never allow anyone to decide your value or put a dollar amount on it. By doing this, we aim lower. When setting out on something completely new and often scary, it is of utmost value to get in touch with your worth. Your worth does not fluctuate, yet when we start over, because it can be so overwhelming and scary, our sense of worth can take a tumble. Sometimes being in a position of new can make us uncertain of how much we deserve.

Self-worth is obtainable to everyone. It's just a matter of recognizing it. Ideally, you can take five minutes to remember what makes you exceptional and unrepeated, whether it be your gifts, skills or talents. There is something you have that makes you valuable enough to just be enough and without the effort we believe we constantly have to put in. Your worth is independent of all those things. It’s time to get in touch with it.

3. Reclaim your purpose

Purpose is a driving force. Purpose is what helps us get out of bed. Your purpose is influential enough to move you through the most challenging times of your life. Take away someone's purpose, and he is lost. In this moment, I encourage you to steer to what drove you in the first place. If you have forgotten your purpose, below are five questions to help steer you back to it, and then, we want to make sure that we choose goals that fulfill that purpose.

- What is uniquely valuable about me?

- What kind of conversations do I have with my closest friends?

- How do I want to be remembered?

- What makes me feel fulfilled?

- What is my superpower?

If you are still struggling to hone in on this, do not fret. Our purpose is not a rush job. Sometimes it takes time to be realized. One thing I found to rev up those juices is creating a bucket list of everything you would love to do in this lifetime. This tool is designed to be fun and open you up for discoveries you may not realize you were keeping within.

4. Direct your energy to the right things

New discoveries equals new pathways. If your energies are living in the past or focused on the wrong things (e.g. distractions), you’re going to be unable to move forward. This includes your time, relationships, career or job, and even how you spend time alone. The past has a habit of keeping us stuck. Direct your energies to things that help you grow and allow yourself to create from a more flexible space. Leverage this feeling to move you forward.

Let’s watch where our energy goes, and live in the present moment - the only moment we can affect.

5. Create a new goal / pathway

When setting out on a new goal make sure it aligns with your values. This will feel good and naturally like you’re moving in the right direction. New starts often means something didn’t work out somewhere. That doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you a learner and it’s a chance to create something that is you. Tweaking or creating a new goal is crucial during this point in time. One, it is a really good distraction from the past. And two, a new perspective is often needed to remind us we’re doing the right thing.

6. Be true to yourself

And lastly, don’t forget to be true to yourself. That means doing it your way. If you have trouble expressing your true self or sacrifice your dreams, you’re not being true to who are you. If you’re saying Yes more times than you hope, you’re not being true to yourself either. Your time is now. The rest can wait. Write yourself a new script that allows you live your expression. And just remember, being true to yourself does not mean that every moment is going to be unicorns and rainbows. Sometimes the storm will sneak in.

It does mean, however, that you’re doing You and that is the single best thing you can do for yourself right now. You got this.

Mega Love.


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